Matrix of Services

Connecticut Federation of School Administrators has created a Matrix of SVCS for your review. This matrix highlights the strengths of a union versus a professional association. Please use this as a tool and you will find our services are quite expansive in contrast to a professional association. This will allow you to make an informed decision and see how your State Union is working on your behalf 24/7, 365 days a year-at a modest cost of $395.40 per year for certified groups and $381.60 for non-certified groups. Be assured that as a nonprofit, every dollar spent goes back into strengthening your union and your advancement as school administrators.
We encourage you to maintain your membership by remaining with your State Union and premier professional association, which allows you to stay on top of the emerging and trending topics that affect school administrators.
Connecticut Federation of School Administrators (CFSA) is the only State Union that safeguards school administrators’ rights. Remember, having the ability to exercise your voice is pivotal to changing the landscape affecting school administrators.

For more information select from the grid below and give us a call!

Staff Names Extension Cellular Direct Dial
Frances G. DiFiore 860.436.3222 x.1 860.759.8235 860.785.8649
Dr. Anthony Salvatore 860.436.3222x.2 860.759.8236 860.785.8648