Monthly Archives: May 2014

A Message from Paul Stringer: Violence in Schools

Greetings to my CFSA colleagues. As an administrator and principal for almost 25 years before retiring, my greatest concern was violence in schools. The recent incidents over the past few years weigh heavy on my mind. I can vividly remember my routine upon awakening every morning preparing...
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CABE WORKSHOP: 6/3/2014 Collective Bargaining

In the years past, our very own VP, Paul Stringer has attended these workshops. Paul stated, “this negotiation overview is very informative”. Additionally, Mr. Stringer recommends to all locals who are scheduled for negotiations during 2014 –this is a “must attend” workshop. The cost is $70.00 per...
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Annual Constitution Meeting Agendas

Our annual constitutional meeting is designed to bring all of our members together to discuss the emerging and  trending variables that affect school administrators SEED evaluations to the CCJEF case. This event is open to all school administrators.  In an effort, to strengthen our member base and...
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