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We are a nonprofit union that concurrently operates as a professional association for school administrators. Throughout the thirty–nine (39) year history of Connecticut Federation of School Administrators, primary goal and objective has been to improve the quality of work issues, negotiate beneficial contracts affecting salaries, increasing the economic status of our members, exam working conditions ensuring continued employment and health benefits; while protecting the integrity of school administrators. Today, the Connecticut Federation of School Administrators [CFSA] remains the only union and professional association representing school administrators in the state.

Affiliated with the AFL-CIO and AFSA, Connecticut Federation of School Administrators has been fighting for quality public school education for students of all backgrounds since 1976. CFSA’s promotes the professional, occupational, and economic interests of nearly 1,000 members and we will continue to fight for the highest quality public school education for all pupils.

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During the 2014 contract negotiation session (6/14 – 12/14), CFSA negotiators worked with 20 locals as they negotiated contracts. There are 10 CFSA locals participating in the 2015 contract negotiation session; and periodic updates will follow. See our Negotiations Breakout Contribution Schedule.
CFSA Business Goals
CFSA is driven to provide all members access to technological advances that will proactively enhance communication practices and levels of accessibility to our vetted team of professionals.
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