CCJEF’s 10th Annual Meeting

Greetings, CCJEF members!
Wanted to make certain that you see the below update to any previously issued notices you may have received….

As you know, the CCJEF lawsuit has unexpectedly incurred a temporary setback, with the case having been continued indefinitely pending the next status review by the court in mid-January. Though presumably this will not mean a lengthy delay, it does mean that the previously scheduled 10th Annual Meeting of the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding, Inc. may lack some of the excitement and positive energy that would surely otherwise have characterized a final gathering of the membership just a month before trial.

Nevertheless, CCJEF’s 10th Annual Meeting will proceed as previously announced — Friday, December 5, 9:30 a.m.-12 noon, at The Lyceum, 227 Lawrence Street, Hartford. (Directions at; free parking onsite and on the street.)

This year’s Annual Meeting will provide an important and timely opportunity to maintain focus and momentum. With legal counsel, we will revisit the arduous — indeed treacherous — pathway to trial that against all odds we have quite successfully navigated this past decade, and we’ll discuss some of the sensitive new legal issues and other pending challenges that lie before us in the coming weeks and months.

If you have already RSVP’d, you need not repeat that, but if you have not yet done so, please RSVP immediately so that the Lyceum facility manager, our Kitchen at Billings Forge caterers, and printing services can accommodate the needs of our group. This meeting will be a closed forum at which attorney-client privilege will pertain, so advance registration is required.

Below is the preliminary agenda for the meeting. Given time constraints, no advance materials will be forwarded. Instead, please try to arrive early and take a few minutes to look through your meeting folder — and during that early arrival hour there’ll be live Celtic music to help set the tone for the meeting.
From 8:30 a.m….
— Registration, continental breakfast, networking

Promptly at 9:30 a.m….
— Call to order, introductions of all present
— Business meeting, with Treasurer’s report, nominations/voting for Steering Committee, review of legislative advocacy and outreach activities, and Project Director’s report

10:15 a.m….
— CCJEF v. Rell litigation report with Q&A, including a brief overview of 10 years of progress to date, discussion of trial schedule delay and pending email matters, highlights from expert reports commissioned by plaintiffs, and news from other states’ adequacy/equity lawsuits

11:45 a.m….
— Wrap-up and next steps on the legal, advocacy, and coalition-maintenance fronts

12:00 noon….
— Adjournment
Please don’t hesitate to phone me should you have any questions. Hope to see you on Friday!

Dianne Kaplan deVries, Ed.D.
CCJEF Project Director
P.O. Box 260398
Hartford, CT 06126
(603) 325-5250 cell

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