Ins and Outs of Union Leadership: New President’s Workshop

New President’s Workshop: is designed to provide an overview of how the office of the president operates. This concentrated workshop highlights the ins and out of leading a unionized group. Facilitated by CFSA STAFF

Message from Gary C. Maynard…

Thanks to those of you whom were able to attend this very pivotal workshop that helped you delve into the finer details of union leadership. For those of you that were not able to come we have attached an invaluable resource. Give us a call to talk over this tool created for your success as a union president. We’d be glad to gather with you personally. Conversely, if there is anything going on in your local that you have questions or worries about–give our office a call at 860.436.3222 to set up a meeting on/offsite, conference call, or Skype chat.

President’s Resource Guide

You will find this tool to be of great use to you and your executive board. Consider the time to go over its contents. This tool is a must for your success. Please click this link to enjoy this updated President’s Resource Guide. Should you desire the supplements noted in the guide email us a request at

For more information select from the grid below and give us a call!

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Gary Maynard 860.436.3222 x.1 860.759.8235 860.785.8649
Paul Stringer 860.436.3222x.2 860.759.8236 860.785.8648