Workshop: Know Thy Contract


Provides the school administrator with a clearer understanding of how to read, interpret, and troubleshoot contracts that are packed with information as well as to acquaint you with the details you must focus on in regards to contracts.


Identify your obligations, evaluate risks and protect your personal interests….

When you became an administrator, you signed a contract and in effect, you stated you saw and agreed with ALL aspects of that contract. Nevertheless, the essential question is, are you confident that you fully understand everything you have agreed to? My guess is unless you were a member of the negotiation committee who worked on your contract; your knowledge of your contract is limited.

Reading and understanding your contract from front to back is essential! This simple step is an enlightening exercise that could potentially save your job! Are you aware of what your just cause article states or what it means? What are the steps necessary to originate a grievance? How much money are you expected to pay out-of-pocket for a visit to the emergency room?

This informative one-hour seminar will cover what everyone must know in regards to their contracts.

As a result of this training, you will…

  • Understand the need to copiously review your contract
  • Identify sources to assist you in bringing clarity to language which may be ambiguous
  • Discuss language you may want to identify for revision during upcoming contract negotiations
  • Receive access to a myriad of other contracts to utilize as a comparison when looking at language and other pertinent areas of business

Learn how to familiarize yourself with your contract as well as the contracts of others you may supervise.


Workshop: Annually held in October

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