CCSS Public Affairs Curriculum Updates and Information for Connecticut Administrators

“Because every student becomes a citizen.”

The Connecticut Council for the Social Studies has been actively engaged in advocacy to halt the marginalization of social studies education and reinvigorate the discipline for all students. In the last few months three major educational goals have been accomplished in our state that Connecticut school administrators need to be aware of.

In May the State Department of Education appointed Stephen Armstrong as the new State Social Studies Consultant.   Steve is a long-time Connecticut social studies teacher and supervisor at both the secondary and college levels. He is a past President of NCSS, CCSS, and the New England History Teachers Association and an adjunct instructor of history at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain. Steve is a tireless advocate for social studies education and an active resource for curriculum and instruction in our state. Steve can be reached at:

This July the Connecticut State Board of Education unanimously adopted a position statement delineating a comprehensive social studies education as the first guiding principle and foundation for the education of all students, K-12, in Connecticut schools. All schools in Connecticut must provide meaningful and relevant programs in social studies to prepare all students to become fully educated, responsible citizens. The position statement outlines key principles and requirements for social studies education as well as detailing responsibilities and providing resources for collaboration among the various educational stakeholders and policy makers throughout the state. The position statement is available at:

The new Connecticut Social Studies Framework is nearing completion. Social Studies teachers state-wide are wrapping up the writing process.. The framework was developed collaboratively with multiple partners and participants. Connecticut social studies teachers K-12 comprised the writing committees. Multiple open review sessions of the draft framework, as it progressed through the writing process, were held around the state. The framework embeds the goals of college, career, and civic readiness education for all students. It integrates civics, economics, geography, and history and other social sciences through an inquiry based instructional approach that supports meaningful and relevant content and rigor. At this time, CCSS anticipates that the schedule for adoption of the new Connecticut Social Studies Framework will be on the State Board of Education’s October, 2014 agenda.

Carolyn Ivanoff is a Housemaster at Shelton Intermediate School and a co-chair of the CCSS Public Affairs Committee

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