June 12 to 20

It has been very busy this month. Many schools are beginning their summer breaks, however, superintendents are making end of the year moves for principal & supervisory positions and trying to force some administrators out for retirement or to resign. It is imperative when an administrator has been given notice from the superintendent to meet with central office for a possible discipline action, that he or she is given the opportunity to have Union representation. Some central office personnel are threatening administrators to retire or resign without any just cause. Please, contact us if this is happening in your district.

Paul Stringer and I attended a retirement party in Newtown for Dr. Anthony Salvatore, however, Tony will still be one of our negotiators. We thank him for all his great work as the Newtown President of The Administrators. Tony did a superb job during a very unfortunate crisis. His leadership during the crisis provided his administrators with guidance and support.

Paul and I were able to attend end of the year meetings with the Bloomfield administrators and with the Hamden Administrators. Please feel free to call us to visit your local for the latest news across the State. We also like to hear the news in your district and how we can best serve your needs.


Paul and I also visited with the Wallingford administrators about joining our Union. If you have a surrounding town that may be interested in joining CFSA, just give us a call and we will contact them.

Paul and I also attended the AFL-CIO Convention last week. The Unions across the State have all supported us with changes needed to Common Core, Evaluations and the need to have stricter regulations and job related educational requirements for the top job in education, the Connecticut Education Commissioner.

Week of June 23-30

We will continue to meet with locals having district job changes.
Thursday the 26th a preliminary report will be released through the Governor’s office from the Common Core Committee. Stay tuned for the results. We will be asking your opinion next week.

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