Below you will find a listing of our past and current activity as it relates to your local and state-wide for school administrators:

July 2012: superintendent wanted to fire a principal w/o just cause. CFSA intervened and principal received salary and benefits for the 2012-13 s/y

Nov 2012: superintendent wanted to dismiss an administrator for improprieties regarding teacher evaluations. We were prepared to intervene on his behalf to assure he was paid for part or entire year. Administrator decided to hire an attorney. Cost the union $4500. Eventually cost the administrator $9000. His lawyer presented the same proposal we were going to offer. He is being paid for the full year but at a cost!

Sept 2012: negotiated salary adjustment for principal of a state “turn-around” school. Also negotiated a new position added to the admin bargaining unit.

Sept 2012: counseled a member who brought labor charges against the local admin president. Sat with both of them through a mediation period.

Oct 2012: CFSA secured insurance payouts to Dawn Hochsprung’s family for accidental death: AIL $4,000.

Nov 2012: attended funeral of Newtown principal. A few weeks later meet with Newtown administrators to allow them to talk and get some things off their chest. CFSA urged AFSA to donate $10,000 to the family of the slain principal

Nov 2012: intervened on behalf of a principal who retired but whose certification was held up due to an investigation. Retired principal was able to receive her certification and able to apply for jobs in Florida

Dec 2012: intervened on behalf of an admin who was not going to be tenured. She is leaving at the end of the year tenured with a letter of recommendation from supt.

Mar 2013: counseled local whose Supt. was hiring admin w/o posting positions

Apr 2013: counseled local when Supt. hired an “interim” admin with their unit but was labelled a “consultant” by h/r, when the issue of interim paying dues was brought up

Apr 2013: sat with admin group through insurance presentation in which BOE was trying to force an insurance plan w/o negotiating

Apr 2013: assisted an admin group with a grievance against Supt. for contract violations

Apr 2012-13: brought in falls village as a new CFSA local. Creating a new contract and assisting them as they engage in their 1st contract negotiations

Apr 2013: sat with union president in a meeting with Supt., who was requested to come to the Supt. office with union rep after a heated discussion w/Asst. Supt.

April – august 2013: sat with union president and various school principals who were summoned to superintendent office for possible disciplinary issues

June 2013: preserved the job of an administrator who was slated to return to a teacher position

July 2013: negotiated a $5000 wage increase for administrators who had their work year increase by 250 hours.

July 2013: negotiated a 3.1% increase for administrators whose work year increased by 300 hours

July 2013: preserved the position of a principal who was slated to move to a teacher position after her position was eliminated

July 2013: partnered with AFSA to offer a negotiation workshop in Connecticut for nationwide participants

August 2013: completed contract negotiations Ansonia, East Hartford, East Hampton

August 2013: sat with a union president as he met with superintendent in regards to a new position he was assigning him to.

August 2013: after a retirement package expired 6/30/13, CFSA was able to convince Supt. to offer the retirement package to a principal who fell out of favor with the Supt. after her CMT scores for a certain group of students decreased drastically.

Sept 2013: completed contract negotiations in Norwalk, Newtown, Falls Village, Thomaston

Sept 2013: attended a recruiting meeting with Chaplin administrators and custodial rep

Sept 2013: met with Bristol admin and Supt. re: the reinstating a testing coordinator position which was eliminated in the proposed budget

Oct 2013: hired a new recruitment person to enhance CFSA recruitment efforts

Oct 2013: completed contract negotiations in Easton, Lebanon, and Watertown

Oct 2013: attended a recruiting meeting with Vernon administrator

Oct 2013: attended a recruiting meeting with Bridgeport administrator

Nov 2013: completed contract negotiations Bristol, Torrington, and Canterbury

Nov 2013: Participated with a community coalition for parent involvement-author Anne Henderson keynote speaker

Nov 2013: attended retirement dinner for a Shelton administrator

Nov 2013: met with East Lyme admin in a grievance hearing w/ Supt.

Nov 2013: met with Norwalk non-certified member and attorney re: whistle blower issue

Dec 2013: met with East Lyme admin and BOE for change of ins carrier negotiations

Dec 2013: met with Torrington admin with superintendent regarding grade change issue

Dec 2013: completed the process to offer two $2500 scholarships to 2 college-bound students to honor Dawn Hochsprung. The scholarships will be offered to CFSA member’s children – 1 male, 1 female

Dec 2013: partnered with Egidio Assante Wealth Management, LLC to roll out pre-retirement workshop for CFSA members to take place Feb. 2013

Dec 2013: provided assistance to CFSA locals in regards to EIN numbers thereby keeping them in good standing with IRS

Dec 2013: worked with Bloomfield admin to protect administrator from being held accountable for the BOE hiring of an individual with a blemished record

Dec 2013: worked with a coalition of unions to provide parent involvement workshops across the state

Jan 2014: coalition program for common core standards- Cromwell high school

Jan 2014: CCJEFF case won to carry out law suit on funding mandates

Jan 2014: provided East Lyme with information on data reporting across the state.

Jan 2014: provided a member with assistance on a teacher bullying charge

Jan 2014: met with CFSA lobbyist Alan Deckman to discuss latest education bills being considered. Created a bi-monthly schedule to update our locals.

Jan 2014: met with school nurse committee on the role of the school nurse

Jan 2014: secured sponsorship from M & M Group Benefits for two scholarships of $2500 each in honor of Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung for our locals members

Jan 2014: sat with local members from two different districts who were being investigated for harassment complaints; CFSA assisted in resolving these issues

Feb 2014: meeting the AFL-CIO and all state unions for a strategic planning session

Feb 2014: form a committee to work on the Connecticut social security windfall act

Feb 2014: Letter to board chair and superintendent dealing with personal comments made about Administrators at BOE meetings.

Feb 2014: Guidance for a member on sexual harassment charges.

Feb 2014: Meeting with central office on a charge of a hostile building climate, CFSA brought forth identified problems occurring in the districts

Feb 2014: PEAC meeting convened to revamping the evaluation process; CFSA put together an evaluation revision committee and submitted our recommendations to the committee–our input was considered and the PEAC committee made changes to the number of observations reducing the number of observations from 6 –down to 1 – 3, per teacher

Feb 2014: CCJEF won a court date of September 9, 2014

March 2014: School Safety Plans – implementation plans need to reviewed on a continuum and executed everyday!

March 2014: Superintendent lacks evaluations on administrators. CFSA findings that Superintendent failed to comply with State Statue and complete evaluations.

April 2014: Superintendent making a deal with a member for a retirement incentive. CFSA determined that the Superintendent was negotiating outside of the bargaining unit.

April 2014: Superintendent trying to make an involuntary transfer a voluntary transfer to lower administrator’s salary.

May 2014: CFSA wants to remind EACH OF YOU to keep your certification up to date. SDE does not send out reminders. You can be suspended if you have a lapse in certification.



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