From the Desk of the Co-Presidents

Salutations and Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

We are having a very busy year, handing the negotiations of nine locals. Eight of the negotiations have been finished and I am happy to state that none of the CFSA locals using CFSA negotiators had to proceed through arbitration. All CFSA negotiated settlements were above the state average – kudos to Fran DiFiore, Wayne Ranhosky, Tony Salvatore, Dave Scata and Howie Sheldon our CFSA negotiators.
As always, I am continually updating my collection of contracts throughout the state. If your local needs information/data in regards to other districts or would like to review the contracts of other locals throughout the state, let me know. There is good news to report from some of our legislators – the main one being is their support to get rid of the “Cadillac Tax”! We are also planning a retirement workshop as well as other workshops in 2016, so keep a sharp eye out for upcoming activities/events highlighted in CFSA’s Proactively! newsletter.

Take care and enjoy the Holiday Season!!

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