Salary Data Highlights

CFSA has been diligent, during its history of existence, in providing locals with up to date salary data. On a yearly basis, we have at our fingertips, the salaries of principals/assistant principals at the high school, middle and elementary level for the present school year.  This is updated on a yearly basis. CFSA also has on our database contracts from district in Connecticut and this data base is also update each time a district negotiates a new contract. In regards to the negotiating of locals within the CFSA family, during the 2013 contract negotiation session (6/12 Р12/12), CFSA negotiators worked with 15 locals as they negotiated contracts. Most of the negotiated contracts were 3 years in duration. The wage increase percentage ranged from 5.25% to 10.16% over 3 years. Health care increase percentages ranged from 1% to 4% increases over 3 years.

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